Short Courses

The Department of Computer Science conducts various Non-degree short courses, on demand. These are conducted during the day at a time agreed by the students and the lecturers. The list below shows some of the courses on offer.

Course Name Tuition and Registration fee Duration
1 Computer Basics (MS Office, Internet and emails) K1,800.00 2 weeks
2 SPSS Essentials K2,300.00 2 weeks
3 Advanced Statistics using SPSS K2,800.00 2 weeks
4 Mobile Apps Development using Android or iOS K2,800.00 2 weeks
5 Project Management Fundamentals for IT Professionals K2,300.00 2 weeks
6 Microsoft Project K2,300.00 2 weeks
7 Database Design & Administration using Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL K2,800.00 2 weeks
8 Programming in Java or C/C++, C#, Python or Pearl K2,800.00 2 weeks
9 Web Design and Development in PHP, JSPs/Servlets or ASP.NET K2,800.00 2 weeks
10 Linux System Administration K2,800.00 2 weeks