MSc Research Progress Status (MSc)

The following are the Postgraduate students currently conducting research on various topics in fulfillment of the requirements for the award of their degrees as indicated below:


1 Banji Milumbe Using the Cloud for a Web Based Candidate Examination Registration – A Case of Examination Council of Zambia Dr. Jackson Phiri 2015 2016 Graduated
2 Lovemore Solomoni Enhancing the Administrations Using Mobile Cloud Technologies: A Case study of Malawi National Examination Board Dr. Jackson Phiri 2016 2017 Completed
3 Clarence Mulundano Digital Financial Services Model for Higher Education Institutions in Zambia Dr. Jackson Phiri 2016 2017 Completed
4 Alinani Simukanga Automation and real-time tracking of farmer input support programme using GPS Dr. Jackson Phiri 2016 2017 Progress
5 Dan Leza Using Snomed CT to Develop an Electronic Health Record System for Surgery Department: A Case Study of the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Zambia Dr. Jackson Phiri 2016 2017 Writing
6 Ilishebo Mubita An efficient energy saving Technique for households in Zambia using sensor networks Dr. Jackson Phiri 2015 2017 Progress
7 Aaron Ngoma Automation of the Biosensor for Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria Dr. Evans Lampi 2015 2017 Progress
8 Chisanga Siwale Semantic interoperability of health information systems for the Ministry of Health in Zambia. Mrs. Monica M. K. Kabemba 2015 2017 Progress
9 Sylvia Tolosi Intelligent Fraud Detection in Automobile insurance claims using text mining Dr. Evans Lampi 2015 2017 Progress
10 Thomas Nkhungulu Automatic appraisal of mobile Banking applications on Android Smartphones Mrs. Monica Kabemba 2015 2017 Progress
11 Vector Neene Mobile GIS for Enhancing Property Tax Collection: A Case of Lusaka Province Local Authorities Mrs. Monica Kabemba 2016 2017 Completed
12 Chibuye Mulima Sensor Network for Grain Inventory and Warehouse Management System Dr. Jackson Phiri 2016 2017 Writing
 32  Knox Kamusweke  Mrs. Monica M. K. Kabemba  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 33  Kingford Mutinta Haakalaki Dr. Jackson Phiri  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 34  Jimmy Jeremiah Mwiinga Dr. Jackson Phiri  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 35  Fanwell Hamusonde Dr. Jackson Phiri  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 36  Grey Chibawe Dr. Mayumbo Nyirenda  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 37  Chisowa Friday Chazanga Dr. Jackson Phiri  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 38  Nanpyal Elijah Bedding Mrs. Monica M. K. Kabemba  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 39  Moomba Mweetwa Dr. Evans Lampi  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 40  Lillian Mzyece  Dr. Mayumbo Nyirenda  2017  2018  Proposal Writing
 41  Kalisa T. Muhigira Dr. Mayumbo Nyirenda  2017  2018  Proposal Writing