Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science

Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science

The programme is designed for graduates with some practical experience of computing but without a recent formal qualification in the field of computer studies. It provides an introduction to a broad range of areas within the field of computer studies, and awareness of modern trends and techniques. It prepares students to understand computing, both as an academic and as a profession. The general aims are to:

  1. equip students with a working knowledge of some of the major techniques and models in computing;
  2. introduce to the students the theory and principle underpinning the subject to enable them understand and manipulate relevant mathematical and logical concepts;
  3. prepare to analyse specific, constrained problems and produce solutions and to make them aware of the possibilities and limitations of computing.

In particular, students will gain knowledge of abstract models of computing, which will enable them to assimilate new techniques and languages quickly, and allow them to understand and contribute to new developments in the area. This programme prepares students for a career in computing, enabling professional practice and continuous self-development. The modules are divided equally between programming, formal aspects and architecture.


(i) Bachelor’s degree from University of Zambia or any recognized University with a minimum of a credit or better in Science Education, ICTs, Library and Information Science, Sciences (BSc) or any other related field.

(ii) All applicants should have some computing experience, including working knowledge of a high-level programming language.


The study period for this programme is strictly 1 year.


The programme comprises seven taught modules (four in the first semester and three in the second semester) plus a project (taken in the second semester). In addition, students will undertake non-credit practicals (about three hours/week) related to software tools and practice, which will run throughout the semester.

First Year
CSC 5111 Machine Architecture and Operating Systems
CSC 5011 Computer Programming
CSC 5711 Databases and Information Systems
Elective I Choose one Course from this Category

CSC 5611 Software Engineering Concepts
CSC 5811 Computer Networking
CSC 5001 Project
Elective II Choose one Course from this Category

Elective Option – I
CSC 5121 Web Programming
CSC 5021 Algorithms and Data Structures

Elective Option – II
CSC 5831 Mobile Computing
CSC 5211 Advanced Operating Systems and File Systems