MSc. in Computer Science (taught)

Master of Science Degree in Computer Science (taught)

This programme is designed for graduates in computer science and related field in ICTs and also employees of various institutions whose operations call for specialized knowledge in ICTs. It offers participants advanced preparation for further career development in applied computer science in areas such as information security, mobile computing, virtualisation, networking, databases, web technologies, signal processing (audio and video encoding) and data mining. The course is therefore, appropriate for experts working in the ICT security sector, members of the armed forces and police service, telecommunication sector, financial sector and employees of the government ministries with active ICT departments, ZICTA as well as other professionals interested in issues of ICTs.

Graduates of the Master of Computer Science will be equipped with analytical skills and essentials of applied computer science in areas such as information and systems security, mobile and cloud computing, networking, databases, web technologies and data mining that will enable them to work more effectively in the ICT sector in both government and the private sector.
The aim of the Master of Science in Computer Science is to enhance the expertise of personnel in the computing field by equipping them with appropriate knowledge and skills to enable them contribute more effectively in the ICT sector.


(i) Bachelor’s degree from University of Zambia or any recognized University.

(ii) Minimum of a Credit or better in Computer Science or any other related field.


The minimum study period for this programme is 2 years and the maximum is 3 years.


The MSc in Computer Science will consist of eight half year courses and one full year course. The first year will consist of eight half year courses. These are six (6) compulsory half year courses and two electives as half year courses. The second year will consist of one full year research course (Dissertation) from which the student is expected to publish the results that meet directorate of research and graduates studies (DRGS) requirements.

1. Full Time
Two academic years, divided as follows; course work in the first year, and an independent research project in the second year.

2. Part Time
Three years, divided as follows; course work in the one and half years and an independent research in the last one and a half years.


First Year
CSC 5019 – Research Methodology
CSC 5231 – Advanced Web Technologies
CSC 5771 – Advanced Distributed Systems
CSC 5222 – Information and System Security
CSC 5802 – Mobile Computing and Networking
CSC 5202 – Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems

CSC 5741 – Data Mining and Warehousing
CSC 5491 – Soft Computing
CSC 5132 – Information Coding Techniques
CSC 5232 – Biometrics

Second Year
CSC 6000 – Dissertation